What does calm powder do for you?


Why must one stay calm?

There must not be one soul who has managed to escape stress. Anybody can find themselves caught in the chaos of everyday life. We are humans after all and we do tend to feel consumed and overwhelmed with emotions and obligations. Stress is something that can affect our overall health, from mental, and emotional to physical. For these reasons, SweetPluck, the home to some of the best superfood powders, feels that it is important to discuss why a calm mind is a healthy mind that leads to a healthy body and in turn, a healthier lifestyle.

What is the social importance of staying calm?

Staying calm can have several benefits for you as well as the situation you are in. Being exposed to many people every day can have its toll on our mental well-being. We find ourselves in social situations where staying calm can act as the greatest form of weapon. So be it through meditation or by consuming the best stress relief supplements, make sure you stay calm for your good. This allows us to handle situations maturely without affecting our health. For example: 

  • In Relationships: While interacting with others, remaining calm can prove to be very significant. Staying calm, especially with our near and dear ones can help us communicate with them better. In times of emotional distress, the things that we do and say can jeopardize our bond with them.  
  • In The Workplace: The work stress can get to us. It can affect our physical as well as mental health. Sometimes, work overload can affect us adversely. Staying calm and getting things done without any hurry can prove to be beneficial for us in our workplace. Maintaining a calm head and attitude helps you maintain professionalism. 
  • For our self-image: Taking decisions or acting in a haste can lead to results where we find ourselves in a fix. Hence keeping a cool head and a calm mind can help us in all our life spheres. If we allow ourselves to overcome panic or stress, we act impulsively. Usually, these acts are not controlled, graceful or sensible, thereby making situations even worse for ourselves.

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Health benefits (Mental & Physical) of staying calm

The best superfood powders in the market are all aimed at promoting physical as well as mental health through their branding. We all have heard and also preached about the benefits of regular exercise and how important it is to take care of ourselves. This is a fact that both habits encourage improved mental and physical well-being.

The inability to stay calm can often paramount negative emotions like stress and panic. We ought to do ourselves more harm than any good. We lose our sense of response and rationality. These can further lead to other health issues like headaches, digestive imbalances, high blood pressure, rashes, hair loss, cardiovascular issues and more.

SweetPluck’s Calm Powder is your ticket to de-stress!

Organic superfood powders like our Calm Mix bring you unparalleled health benefits of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Pomegranate, Shatavari, Amla and Brahmi. A brilliant amalgamation of all the right herbs to make you feel calm and relaxed every day. These work together to work towards your overall health and wellness. Sip this as per your liking, as a warm drink with milk or an icy one for those warmer days.

Health Benefits Of Calm Powder:

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1. Drink your herbs - Living a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily require a lot of hard work and discipline. Sometimes choosing a healthier life can be as easy as sipping a beverage. Yes! SweetPluck’s Calm powder, the best superfood powder, has all the healthy herbs to care for your overall health. Ayurveda truly guides us towards well-being in a way that is sustainable, practical, and also enjoyable.

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2. Stress Buster - Feelings of distress like stress, fatigue, anxiousness and bloating can all be cured with the help of adaptogens! Our Calm powder, an organic superfood powder, has a unique selection of herbs that have been known to boost the immune system and protect the body against the harmful impact of stress. An incredible ability of adaptogens is that they can ‘adapt’ to what the body needs and work accordingly. 

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3. Supports the Nervous System - Do your nervous system occasionally feel taxed? Do you always feel like you need full body support? Then this SweetPluck Calm powder is exactly what you need! The best superfood powder! The mixture comprises adaptogens and herbs that help balance your body and build stamina. This helps you fight off the negative effects of stress as well. 

Feel the enhanced joy and sense of happiness- Have you had days where you just wake up feeling happy? Yes! Those are the best kind of days! SweetPluck Calm is an amazing organic superfood powder that makes you feel exactly that way every day! You feel a heightened sense of happiness and positivity. These herbs and adaptogens help our bodies to recover from both short- and long-term mental and physical stress.

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